People at Matilda broadway’s lottery striking the Matilda pose!  


Book Shelf Tour #1

In My Life
Jade Davies, Dan Koek, Rob Houchen, Carrie Hope Fletcher
Les Miserables


In my Life, London cast 2013/2014

Cosette: Jade Davies
JVJ: Daniel Koek
Marius: Rob Houchen
Eponine: Carrie Hope Fletcher

You should know that I love Jade’s voice so much and everybody should hear her sing.

(I’ve lost the cast list, the date and the master’s name with my hard disk, so I’m sorry if they aren’t written here!!)


First day at school with


I’m still holding out hope for production photos of Ava and (wigless) Ripley


Paige graduated from “Matilda”. May your future be as bright as your star shined onstage! Bidding you a “Standing Ovation” farewell!


Looks like they’re wearing the shirts with Paige’s artwork on ‘em! 


There are introduction videos for the Dutch Billy’s!!! They are so adorable!! Gonna post them one at a time, so sorry for the Billy spam!

And damn Jillis is already 15!!

I’m 15… He’s really cute…

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